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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

One of those moments

BJD's shoesImage by MiriamBJDolls via Flickr

Yesterday, I screamed! It was one of those moments we have where our whole family goes nuts over something Darrel did. And all the other people we tell about it say, "Oookay".

We needed to move out, and Wendy couldn't find a shoe. I wish this was a rare occasion, but it wasn't. Meanwhile, D has been listening in to everyone running around like crazy people looking for a lost shoe, and he's doing the math. He finds the shoe, takes it to Wendy who's five, and puts it on her like she's Cinderella. Problem solved!

It's not a big thing in the scheme of things, but, for us, it was interaction, genuine, God-bless-it interaction. Darrel not only took an interest in events around him, but solved the problem all on his own. We're used to a different type of interaction that is very Darrel-centered. Typically, D worries about the things that bother him. Of course, it's possible that the crazy people were getting on his nerves, and the behavior was all about him. I intend to be optimistic. It's so seldom that we get to look on the bright side that I'm grabbing on with both hands.

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