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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Aspie's Online

Who knew there were autistics out there who love autism? It's really amazing. YouTube's The Wrong Planet is actually a study in what's wrong with autism and defines it as a disorder.

Kids with autism can't always get social cues and have difficulty empathizing. Since the broadcaster of The Wrong Planet is fine with his disorder, he doesn't understand why my son might not like his. The point is that Aspberger's/high-functioning autism is not the end of the spectrum that will destroy a child's life. On our end of the spectrum, computer broadcasting seems like a pipe dream.

My point is not to belittle the contribution of this child to the world at large. He has great talent and ability but little human understanding. That's another symptom, not a reason to rejoice. Egocentricity and autism go hand in hand.

Darrel has many strengths. Autism isn't one of them. Unlike some parents, I am not waiting for a cure, but you won't see me going to Autism the Musical anytime soon either. My son isn't NON-neuro-typical. His brain is physically hindered, and I wish to God it hadn't been because he deserved much, much more happiness in life.

Instead of marriage and children, he will grow old with me and his father. We will all work tirelessly to get rid of autism because the only thing that's changed over the last twenty years about our world is the environment. We are doing this to ourselves, and that is my heartfelt belief. There are changes to be made, and complacency isn't an option. Thank God for Autism Speaks and others like them.