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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Data Collection for Parents

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Each child has data. . . somewhere. The question parents must ask is can you find it. I have a system for compiling data that works even for the most unorganized woman on the planet, myself.

You'll need:
At least three sturdy binders and page protectors.

Binder 1:
IEPs: Design this binder to come with you to each case conference. Make a place for notes and questions. Keep copies of your most recent IEP there as well as all your child's current school year data; grades, progress reports, testing and evaluations.

Binder 2:
Progress- This is my catch-all binder. If I think it's data or could be data to present or analyze at any point, I keep it here. Progress reports move to this folder once I have a completed IEP for the year.

Binder 3:
Transition- We're all working toward the future, and that's what goes here. Anything pertaining to your child's graceful transition into the world. At the age of 22 in Indiana, at the latest, all children leave school. You need to sit down and ask the tough questions ASAP.
  • Will he live with me?
  • Will she be able to work at all?
  • Will he need waiver support?
  • Do we need Power of Attorney?
These aren't simple questions with easy answers, and some can't be answered yet. But it's best to begin to think about this now. Even if all you do is make a binder for things you can't look at yet, you're thinking about the future and adjusting your dreams continually to your child's progress. That's important.
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