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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

RISE Special Services Q & A

3D Character and Question MarkImage by 姒儿喵喵 via FlickrMay 12th seems to be the magic day for parents of SPED students in the four townships, Beech Grove, Franklin, Decatur and Perry, to get answers. Here is my submission to the RLC PTA for the event.

  1. What will the top down structure look like?
  2. What voice will parents have in policy building, such as parent members of an advisory committee? 
  3. What steps will be taken to insure transparency in policy building?
  4. Will parent education, including information on law, teaching methods and advocacy for their student be a priority for the interlocal? If so, what mechanisms will be in place to deliver this service?
  5. If parents have a dispute with specific administrators, who will be the mediator in order to avoid the complaint process provided by DOE? Will you institute a formal process to give parents access to objective mediation which will help the schools avoid expensive due process proceedings?
  6. How will the interlocal improve staff and administration training across all environments, classrooms, bus transportation, etc.?
  7. The school has been given orders of correction this year for violations of the individualized education plan for several students. What system of checks and balances, staff training and administrative supervision will you put in place to avoid this in future?
  8. What definitive standards will be put in place to determine teacher and administrative performance?
  9. Who will be the administrative staff of RISE Learning Center?
  10. Will Administrative staff in all the townships receive extensive training and professional development through the new Interlocal? If not, why?
 If you live in one of these townships, you can submit your questions to RISE Special Services at 5391 Shelby Ave. Indianapolis, IN 46227 . 317*789*1650 Time and Location to follow.
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