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Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Homeschool Adventure Begins

Vector clockImage via WikipediaWell, it is finished. My husband and I have decided to pull our son out of Perry Township schools and teach him at home. There is a rumor of a Franklin Township group of parents, sick of the RISE Special Services failure, who are working on the starting phases of a charter school for our students. Anyone who knows this group, I'd love to get in touch and talk to them about the idea. This blog will continue as long as I continue to volunteer my time with families still in the system. It's our hope to move and find a program that works for Darrel.
If our homeschool experiment is successful, I may begin to blog about what we learn about that as well.
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  1. Good luck, relatively new follower. Can you tell me some of the failures? I'm a teacher, would like to learn what to avoid.

  2. Hey Brian,
    There were a few. First and foremost was the process of writing IEPs. Teachers and administrators had very little understanding of the law. The way to avoid this is to get training. You can find free training in Article 7 on You can even get the training online. I recommend this for every teacher in Indiana. It's as much for a teacher's protection as a parent's, since teachers bear the brunt of responsibility.