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Monday, September 28, 2009

Healthcare on Ice!

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"Spending restraint will not come easily to the Democratic Party. Pent-up demand for investment in education, health care and the environment is understandable after the Bush years. But long-term progressive government can't be built on a foundation of debt and deficits."- Sen. Evan Bayh.

We're skating into dangerous territory. This update came in my email this week. Basically, as one of those in the "rationed" segment of society, I understand one thing about the Democratic party. It has no guts.

Our medical system is a large portion of the mess we find ourselves in today. A lack of reform doesn't just leave those with Autism and disability out in the cold. It will destroy any chance we have at a stable economy. We're letting the bill before us now be changed to something that benefits no one but insurance industry lackeys. What else can I say? Oh yeah, thank you, Senator, for the heads up. When's that election again?
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