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Friday, June 11, 2010

Makin' WAVES at the Y

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Waves started at the Baxter Y yesterday. Swimming lessons for the disabled are not just fun, but essential. There isn't much available for our kids in the Summer, but this program always has a waiting list. Now, I know why.

It was amazing. A one-on-one lifeguard for each participant, participants of every age group and disability, and the incredible Y facilities are the recipe for the perfect Summer activity for autism. Non-member cost for the program is approximately 150.00. It runs for 8 weeks.

This Y also offers sensory motor sessions, but, sadly, there are never enough takers for the class to be held.
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  1. We've never done Y stuff, even though I've wanted to for years. The cost isn't terrible, especially for the quality of programming, but when you multiply it by two or three we just can't swing it. :(

  2. That is exactly our problem. We got a scholarship this year. Otherwise, it wouldn't be possible.