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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Perry Township school board meeting

Fa├žade of Perry Meridian High School, the newe...Image via WikipediaParents of RISE Special Services students have an opportunity on Monday the 14th to discuss the interlocal with the Perry Township Board. RISE will be changing from a joint service and supply to an interlocal. This change will result in a new board for special services students. The make up of that board is crucial to parents and students. The meeting will begin at 6 pm at Perry Township Education Center.

The most likely outcome, given the political climate, is a board made up of only the superintendents of the participating townships. A choice many parents find objectionable because of its lack of elected representation. Still others would like to see parents and advocates take a role on an advisory board.

Perry Board Emails as listed on MSDPT website:
  • Rubie Alexander -
  • Ed Denning-
  • Gwen Freeman -
  • Steve Maple -
  • Charles Mercer -
  • Ken Mertz-
  • Jon Morris -

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