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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Perry Township Referendum

Dr. Little talked about credibility last night. Trouble is Perry Township has none with special needs families. The referendum being taken to the public is a request for funding they've been turned down for once by voters.

Voters were given two choices; A list of terrible things educators would be forced to do or pass the tax increase. However, very few administrators jobs appear to be on the chopping block. Why wouldn't they start with top down decreases in funding? Hmm. Perry spends twice as much as other Indiana schools on Administrative costs. Those proposals were noticeably absent.

Discriminatory practices when it comes to special education is used to cut costs all the time. Indiana's law protecting special needs students is only as good as its enforcement. There is a massive breech of trust between the township and its families, so, Dr. Little, I vote no, until you take an interest  in special education.

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