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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Squeaky Wheels

The complaints process.
Forms here

When you've tried the usual avenues, it sometimes comes down to the complaint process which is simpler than you'd think. Fill out the forms available above. Gather your evidence and fax or mail it in. That's the process, but what about the other stuff?

You know, the making people mad and the seeing them again after. It's the equivalent of a nightmare date where you hope you'll never see the guy again, but you have to go to work tomorrow. In this post, you'll find a sheet to offer you some tips.

The bottom line is; this is all just business. You are seeing to the business of raising your child, and that makes nothing personal unless you want it personal. It's about them. If it comes to complaints or due process, then so be it. As long as parents have exhausted all other routes to resolution, this is a totally appropriate and sometimes needed step.

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