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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Tax Dollars Circle Drain- More at Eleven

The Governor has done it again. He has found more ways to piss away the tax payers money. Fiscal responsibility never looked so frivolous as it does in the lawsuit against health care. The constitutional precedent is there and the attorney general, Greg Zoeller, chooses to ignore that precedent in the name of politics.

According to eyewitness news, Indiana joined thirteen foolhardy states in an expensive attempt to overturn legislation they don't like. "I believe that it's in the best interest of all and that includes those people who support the new legislation that we raise the constitutional questions that are apparent to the United States Supreme Court," said Zoeller; this, from coverage of the event. It is in all our best interests to engage the state's funds in a legal battle that will not be won. OOOkay. Is there any other response, but to shake our heads in wonder and amazement?

Meanwhile back on the farm, Indiana schools had an average shortfall of 3 million per district. That was the average. Job after job has gone on the chopping block in area schools. Industry is moving out of our state, and the governor issues marching orders to engage in frivolous spending. Indiana is no longer the republican bastion it once was, and this lack of fiscal common sense seems poorly judged for our man, Mitch.

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