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Friday, January 15, 2010

Frequently Asked Questions

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Sometimes parents write and ask me for definitions or advice on issues relating to case conferences. When more  than a few write the same question, I usually mass mail the answer to all the parents I work with on a regular basis. This week's FAQ was "My case conference notification had as a reason for the conference 'review of a 60 day plan', what is this and how do I prepare?"

I'm publishing my answer below:
 Some of the parents have asked me a question about IEP notifications, so I thought I could just answer everyone and call it a FAQ. Some notifications include as a reason for the case conference a "review" of a 60 day transition plan. I haven't seen them, so I'm guessing on the wording. It may be slightly different.

The law requires parents be informed when schools want to consider change of placement. That's basically what this is, however, it's better described as a plan to achieve transition back into less restrictive environments. In theory, it signals to parents that it's time to discuss goals that can transition their child into "out" buildings and document the child's ability to make the transition. No one can simply change a child's placement without discussion or prior notification. However, the school wants to start talking about the possibility.

Parents who have this particular listing on their notifications should prepare for that discussion with documentation of your child's current medical issues, progress reports and prior discussion with school psychologists and specialists who work with your child to determine whether they can succeed in an included environment. This information will be vital to formulating a plan for that transition or delaying it, if necessary. It should be determined, as always, individually and with much thought and consideration.
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