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Thursday, November 26, 2009

There's Tired, and Then There's Thanksgiving Tired

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The flu took it's toll this week, and the week before that. Its probably reason number 1 that I feel this tired today. Isn't it?

Then again, I've felt this coming on for a while. There are triggers for everyone as they run through life. Sometimes the world just goes gray. Thanksgiving does that to me for some reason. It's secretly my most hated holiday. Think about it.

An entire day dedicated to the celebration of how thankful we should be. It makes me regress yearly to my angry stage of grief. Well, I suppose I'm thankful that D has something that won't kill him. That's something, I guess. If you ignore that he can't talk to us and that he's not going to marry, go to college or even play little league, we have much to be grateful for.

The upside is that Thanksgiving demands that I work my behind off in the kitchen, in the house, keeping the peace. It's like a holiday marathon that begins days before and lasts into Thanksgiving night as I wind down from a good cry on the bathroom floor.  I only think about it if I stop.
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