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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Here we go

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The long, and apparently, cold winter is upon us, and there's too much to do. This week I painted our apartment dining room wall. Why? Not because I wanted to, but because Darrel has been so very, very destructive. It looked awful.

Now, I've gotten tired, and it's not over yet. I have a cleaning crew on Monday. Ironic how that means I have to fix and sweep up and do my best to generally disappear the other things Darrel has done.

As he's gotten older, it's gotten better, but no one, even my husband, realized how much time I devoted to cleaning walls and fixing things around the house.

And just once, it would be nice to look at lamps or vases in the store and not think, "how long would that last?" Every year since D was tiny, we've "autism-proofed" our Christmas tree. It only takes one glass-as-candy incident to drive home the need. The list of things we can't have in the house is almost as long as the list of things we want for Darrel.

What can you do? When it comes to autism, as it is with most things, life really is adapt or die. Maybe this week we should all look at our lives and thank God for options. You'll know it when you don't have them anymore, and oh, how we miss them when they're gone.
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